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Photo - Flora Miller

a choir that is totally unique!

THE WALL OF SOUND SINGING Ensembles are new  choirs in South and Central London and Rye, East Sussex, made up of both solo performers and choir. We are new vibrant choirs who really thrive on having fun, enjoying each other's company, being very social as well as making great music together. We are delighted to say that our choirs are beginning to make quite a name  for our friendly approach as well as performing  a wide and varied uplifting repertoire and we warmly welcome all singers regardless of experience as having fun is as important as making good music together.​   


We welcome  singers of all ages, those who are experienced as well as complete beginners and very much tailor make our repertoire towards the particular members of our choirs, choosing music that is very much geared to the strengths of the choirs that can be repertoire from a Sea Shanty, Irish folk song to  Gospel  to  a contemporary pop piece all to way to Mozart. Our strength is our diversity, this keep us on our toes.





And because we believe you don’t need to read music to enjoy singing, our choirs and workshops are accessible to all regardless of musical knowledge.



We Stand In Harmony!

sandra scott singing studios
sandra scott singing studios


This wonderful group of enormously talented singers were the musical highlight of The Silver Line’s first Carols By Candlelight event set in London’s oldest surviving church.  St. Bartholomew the Great.  They could not have delivered the selection of seasonal music more beautifully.  Thank you so much to the so aptly named Wall of Sound.

Nina Gopal - Director of Fundraising - The Silver Line

- Founder Dame Esther Rantzen

I was privileged to be part of a wonderful experience with the  Wall of Sound, the Rye and London-based choir run and conducted by the talented and irrepressible Royal Academy of Music trained Sandra Scott.

David Hance -  Rye News

The Wall of Sound choir had me in tears with their truly beautiful Hallelujah, it is the best version I have ever heard. Great harmonies composed by the choir director Sandra.          

Dr Jenny Beamish 

The Wall of Sound performed at our annual Farm Africa Carol concert  at St Martins within Ludgate and absolutely blew us away. The choir were so easy going and their voices were incredible! They have a great spirit to them and their rendition of Fairy-tale of New York will live long in the memory of all that attended!


Thanks again

Charlie Farm Africa Aid



07533 207003

London Choir  meets in Oval on Tuesdays

Rye Choir meets in Rye on Monday

come for a taster session

We hope you like what you have read, but why not give it a go? You’ll be warmly welcomed for a taster session and you can experience our unique brand of uplifting singing coupled with our amazing camaraderie!


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